Emilio Solé - Sempere is an experienced, dedicated and energetic choir’s director of international prestige with outstanding communication skills.

Awarded composer, arranger, successful voice, piano and music educator and singer, with strong background and more than 30 years of experience conducting traditional, classical, contemporary, Latin-American and world music, working with adult women, men and mixed, children choirs and vocal groups in classic and popular repertoire, a cappella and Choral – Symphonic in tours in South America, USA & Europe.

Professional Life

Emilio Solé - Sempere gave his firsts steps as a gifted child in Barcelona, Spain. Later his family immigrated to Venezuela where he finished his studies of high school and studied Psychology in the Catholic University Andrés Bello in Caracas. He continued his music studies studying piano, music theory, history of music, music reading, harmony, counterpoint, singing, Gregorian Chant, composition and Choir Conduction in the Fundacion Schola Cantorum de Caracas with the most illustrious Venezuelan teachers like Alberto GrauMaria GuinandIsabel PalaciosModesta Bor and others. Afterward he was accepted as a student of orchestral conduction with Adrian Thorne in the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, England. He was assistant director of Felipe Izcaray in the Caracas Chamber Choir where he became subsequently his principal director. He also attended several specialized courses in conduction, composition with international teachers like Luigi Agustoni, Johannes Berchman Göhl, Hellmuth Rilling, Robert Sund, Vic Nees, Wili Göhl and famous musical groups like Chanticleer, the King Singers and the Real Group and others. He has been member and Assitent Conductor at worldwide known top Venezuelan Choir Schola Cantorum de Venezuela as well as professor of musical appreciation, music reading, and choir direction in the Caracas’ Music Conservatory in which he created the Caracas’ Children Choir and the Academic Choir. Afterward, he founded and conducted the project Let’s Sing! and the School of Choral Singing of the Venezuelan State Petroleum Company, Lagoven and Petroleum of Venezuela, PDVSA.

Well known internationally as a several times awarded composer and arranger, he embraces several styles especially in coral music, with original compositions and arrangements of Latin American Choral Music. Some of his works have been published in Earthsongs and Gentry Publications besides his own publishing company Esyel Music.

Sole - Sempere is currently Artistic Adviser musical adviser and resident composer and arranger for the choral groups sponsored by the Mozart Foundation of Madrid, Spain. He has been laureate in several composition contests; he won two seconds and one third prices in the 2003, 2005 and 2006 editions of the composition contest Bizkaiko Abestbatzen Elkartea in Spain, and won in the same year the first absolute price in the Spain’s National Contest of composition for dulzaine ensemble (Pipe – Chanter). He was conductor of the Choir of Camera and stable prompter of the Caracas’ Teresa Carreño Opera.

In 2009 was appointed Coordinator of the Department of Production of the National Center for Social Action Thorough Music, the top Institution of the world renamed Venezuela's El Sistema, the world famous National System of Children and Youth Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela, Institution in which later, in 2011, he became Assistant to the Executive Direction of the after mentioned Venezuela's National Center.

Past associations include his work as Conductor of the Liturgical Choir of the Conservative Congregation Or Shalom in Caracas, Venezuela, Principal Director of the Choral of the Royal Basilica of Our Holy Lady of Atocha, The San Cayetano Chorale, The vocal group of Religious Music of Madrid; founder and first Conductor of the Choirs of  the Venezuela’s National Foundation for the System of Children and Youth Choirs and Orchestras in the city of Caripe, Miami Music Project and Amazonia Vocal Ensemble.

Current associations among others include, The Opera AtelierAldemaro Romero School of MusicArts Ballet Theatre of Florida,  Lessons in your home, Esyel Music and the Miami Choral Studio

Sole - Sempere is member of the American Choir Directors Association.